Friday, February 26, 2021
Decolonisation is the start of a long journey to becoming ourselves... once more.
We should focus on the ability of individuals to live, rather than states to exist.
The failure to make the study of history compulsory in Nigerian schools is an act of self-destruction.
'put discussions of race and heritage on the table and leave it there, talk about them, until we can move past the discomfort. Then keep talking.'
Europe has always had a toxic relationship with Africa.
We must undo the myth of the racist monster and the saintly sufferer.
Women, supposedly, hold up half the sky
The education provided by the Bridge Schools cannot be said to be of an acceptable quality, because it does not equip its learners for freedom.
The designation obscures false racial evaluations and presents them as objective geographical assessments.
The problem with this type of writing about Africa is that it denies equal humanity to African people. It reveals that this denial is entrenched, embedded deep in our collective subconscious and may never be overcome. And that is truly sad.