Sunday, August 18, 2019
We should measure how good students are at surviving without toilets
Sankoré was a contemporary of Oxford and the Sorbonne.
Entitlement to democracy within a failed state is redundant.
innovative political solutions are required to halt the wave of conflict, human rights violations and poverty that beset the ordinary people in West Africa.
the failure to fact-check, arises from the preposterous and ahistorical stereotypes of the feeble Black African Woman.
The politics and power of distinguishing languages from dialects.
Our country is not moving, just like our queues.
By not accounting for how the freedom to wear natural hair affects the black woman specifically, we silence and erase the black female experience and thus do epistemic violence to her.
Nigeria needs the best of the best doing the best of their best. Not just doctors.
The inequalities of the present, build on a foundation of the old inequalities... and they persist.