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'Britain had an Empire that at its height brutally suppressed one fifth of the worlds population; killed millions of people, from the Mau Mau tortured by colonialists to the 3 million people they starved to death in Bengal in 1943; and justified...
'Africans must wake up to the fact that you only ever get the kind of leaders you allow yourselves to have. '
'decolonization has different implications in practice. Rather than a grand new theory, it ought to be approached as an option, a set of strategies explicitly aimed at a radical shift in the distribution and use of power at the...
'Does education not transcend the institutions you’re mandated to pass through? Finding expression in all men including you?'
'“The people of Africa have bought into the narrative of their own helplessness, when history proves we are no such thing.”'
'As a person of colour, I can say that it has been difficult to process these incidences of intellectual racism, where it is argued that an experience of racial violence that people of colour know all too well, must...
Source: For Africa, the International Community is a Myth
'But he said you were a woman; that he wouldn’t talk to you. That you should go and bring your husband, so they can talk man to man.' See also this CNN article. 
Francesca Sobande | 16.09.2016 Being involved in the organisation of the one-day symposium on Black Feminism, Womanism and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe was an overwhelmingly empowering… Source: WoC Europe: What the Day Meant to Me
'The fourth incarnation of the Aké Arts & Book Festival took place 15-19 November 2016, in Abeokuta, Nigeria, the birthplace of Wole Soyinka, and shares a name with Soyinka’s classic memoir of his childhood, Aké.'