Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Reposts from other places

'But he said you were a woman; that he wouldn’t talk to you. That you should go and bring your husband, so they can talk man to man.' See also this CNN article. 
'“The people of Africa have bought into the narrative of their own helplessness, when history proves we are no such thing.”'
SISIYEMMIE: Nigerian Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Blog : 6 THINGS SUGABELLY'S STORY TELL US ABOUT RAPE IN N...: Sugabelly's work I f you've not read Sugabelly's story of Rape then you've not been on twitter , Nigerian twitter to b... Read here
DrAjao: Nigeria vs Iran, World Cup 2014: My Crazy Interpre...: Super Eagle? Okay I'll just let you know I don't know much about soccer so stop me when I'm wrong. Nigeria faced Iran at 3PM... An interesting interpretation