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Speech at the acceptance of Nigeria to the UN 1960


‘Nigeria is a great country. It is great in area- Nigeria is half the size of Western Europe.

It is great in population: Nigeria had nearly 40 millions of people.

It is great in prospects, because Nigeria has all the resources to maintain a powerful and a prosperous nation.

Decolonising the Colonised African Mind – The First 5 Steps


One thing that strikes me quite strongly, reading and writing about Africa, is the depth to which false perceptions of Africa have sunk in our collective subconscious. While I think it is forgivable for people whose only experience of Africa is aid adverts with awfully malnourished children and news bulletins featuring some rabid warlord spouting maledictions – this delusion of utter dependence should not be replicated by Africans.

Africa is poor and 5 other myths | Simon Moss | TEDxWarwick


Simon is a campaigning and community education expert. He has contributed on development issues at some of the world’s leading conferences including the G20, the World Economic Forum and the Clinton Global Initiative. He is the co-founder of the Global Poverty Project, an education and campaigning organisation working towards the end of extreme poverty, and wrote the ground-breaking 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation, which has been delivered 750+ times to 100,000+ people since 2009

Nigeria’s Democracy Delusion


Nigeria has been at the democracy game for a good number of years now and a lot of talk goes on about the  ‘dividends of democracy.’ This makes it sound like democracy is some kind of equation where D (democracy) + SS (sovereign statehood) = DoD (dividends of democracy)

Welcome to Lagos: Politics and power in space invasion


(This is a rewrite from 2010)

‘Welcome to Lagos’ (W2Lag) was a BBC three-part observational documentary series which explored life in the urban environment of Lagos, Nigeria. I have included a video clip.

Stronger Than Hate


The history of humanity seems to be defined by human eyes
looking away…
Looking away from dead bodies floating in the water,
Looking away from people trapped in steel cans, 

My Argument Proposing the Motion to End Aid to Africa


Hello my fellow Africans, ‘valued’ statesmen, honourable(nope) financial analysts impeccable (ko jo ra ra) policy makers and the esteemed citizens of the world. I am here to propose the motion that no aid should be sent to Africa, from this day forward, forever, amen.

Nigeria’s #childnotbride Outrage: The Nigerian Sexual Offences Bill 2015


I remember writing on these issues a few years ago. I am going to quote myself and the venerable Professor Soyinka in the same post! yikes!

There have been repeated incidences of the #childnotbride hashtag being part of a public outcry in Nigeria.

The Not-So Silent Narrative of Race


Ludicrously, we have made race into the dominant narrative of our time.
It is a paradoxical narrative, because it is rarely spoken.