Monday, July 13, 2020
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The Not-So Silent Narrative of Race


Ludicrously, we have made race into the dominant narrative of our time.
It is a paradoxical narrative, because it is rarely spoken.

Women’s Movements: Today, yesterday, tomorrow?

There have always been women’s movements. There always will be women’s movements. The question for us now is what women will be moving and fighting for tomorrow.


Why I Do Not Celebrate International Women’s Day


On the 8th of March the world celebrates International Women’s Day. I chose to mark the day rather than celebrate. ‘Why?’ you may well ask. Here is my answer:

As long as women still have to justify their existence as equal citizens of the world, I will not celebrate,

Nigeria’s False Democracy


I would love to see Buhari win the general election. Don’t get me wrong. I do not like Buhari I also do not trust him as far any inclined person can throw him. However, 2 things possible outcomes to him winning the election obviously appeal to me. One, he could be as magnificient a leader as his blind followers hope he will be – that can only be good for Nigeria. Or he could be as horrible as I expect him to be and how I would love to laugh in some people’s faces. FYI, I am currently taking down names.

Ebola and R2P; Africa and the International Community: 5 Lessons from the Epidemic


After completing a scintillating [cough, cough]  on the responsibility to protect [R2P] and its operation in West Africa, I shamelessly seize any opportunity to crowbar my knowledge in this area into current affairs. My thesis focused on the preventive arm of (R2P) and I continue to examine any responsibility which the international community may have in preventing human suffering in fragile states.

What is Nigeria?


The everlasting conundrum of identity of the people living in the area marked Nigeria has raised up such phrases like “geographical expression”, “geographical entity”, “artificial creation”, “colonial creation.” Are we a ‘state’ in the true meaning of the word?

Personal Legal explanation of Oscar Pistorius Verdict


Here is my considered legal opinion to the reaction on the verdict in the Oscar Pistorious case. (Which we will all have forgotten about next week). I hope anyone reading will approach with an open mind…

Never Stop Singing: A short story


Like every Sunday I had spent on Ile-Ife university campus, this Sunday was no different. 7 am, and I was dressed as sweet as dodo. Crammed myself into the uncomfortable seats of the amphitheatre; the congregation huddled close to withstand the biting wind.

How to ‘solve’ Africa in 5 easy steps


Africa has long become the poster child for war, famine and disease. Of course I really mean sub-Saharan Africa or in un-PC terms ‘Black’ Africa. I believe the solution is as simple as the solution I would give the fellow banging his head against a brick wall and taking paracetamol.

DrAjao: Nigeria vs Iran, World Cup 2014: My Crazy Interpre…

DrAjao: Nigeria vs Iran, World Cup 2014: My Crazy Interpre…: Super Eagle? Okay I’ll just let you know I don’t know much about soccer so stop me when I’m wrong. Nigeria faced Iran at 3PM…

An interesting interpretation