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My Legal View of the #childnotbride Story: A Magician’s Misdirection


The furore raised over this story reminded me of my childhood in Ilorin. I can remember watching a young girl of about 13 trying to escape her nuptials by fleeing the joyous scene on foot, while several young men chased and down and brought her back to complete the happy task. I can also remember seeing her around as she progressed through marriage having about 3 or 4 children.

Chimamanda: The African Experience as an African American.


‘Race is something that one has to learn. I had to learn what it meant to be black.

Politics of Charm, Emotion & Image


This is a piece I wrote in 2010 while contemplating democracy and the ‘populist’ coup in Egypt. I finished it around the time of the 2010 General Election in UK. In writing it, I contemplated, among other things, what politics is/should be and how it has come to be narrowed down to mean divisive decisions to choose who controls a nation-state. The choice is between 2 or more ‘not as dissimilar as they like to appear’ political parties. If they are so similar, then maybe the vote has to be about something else. [See title for clues]

RHEMA Word of God


God loves us not because of who we are, but because of who He is.

Silly International Paradoxes that we Don’t think are Silly


Why do we think it is okay to send in troops to fight to stop troops in a certain country from fighting other troops in that country?

Why do we think terrorism can be stopped by a war on terror through warfare and terror?

It Is The Change We Listen For


This is the text of a talk delivered by me at the International Conference of Nigerian Students, at the University of Hull, on the 4th of April 2009

Despite Everything, I celebrate Naija


I celebrate life,

I celebrate the lives of the youths, friends and wise elders that surround me,

I celebrate fortitude, resilience, strength and indomitable spirit,

First Give God the glory


Baba mi ni Eledumare, Olorun Agbalagba, Olorun Agba-Oye, Oyigiyigi, Olowo gbogboro, Eleti lu kara bi ajere, Adani ma gbagbe eni, Alagbawi eda, Alese le wi!” 

Dubious sign


I have always thought this sign looks dubious, can someone tell me why???