Why Foluke’s African Skies?

Foluke’s African Skies (FAS) – the blog, is a culmination of an ongoing long-term dream. I started writing about Africa when I was about 10. You know that 10 year old type of writing. ‘I want to save the world when I grow up because I have all the answers’. FAS is actually not the first blog I have had. The first one was lost because I forgot my password and the platform closed down. So that was doomed from the beginning. I opened a blogspot one, which is still slightly active. It is called Speaker in A Blouse and can be found here.  I choose to write about Africa because even though Africa is not a country, I believe that in truth neither are the political entities to which we are bound. Our countries are experiments that we have to snatch back and claim as Africans. Our destinies must be defined by us and not by others, and definitely not by non-Africans. The strife between us Africans are also a part of that experiment. And the strife is killing us, both literally and figuratively. So sometime, the hating has to stop.

The blog is called African Skies because the land and skies join us together. Though we fight over the land, we do not fight over the skies. The skies belong to us all in equal measure. As does the future. The skies speak to our togetherness, to what we can achieve in peace and tranquility. The skies speak to all our tomorrows and our children’s tomorrows. If we are to build sustainable polities, we have to imagine and bring forth their durability, so that they outlast us. Just like the skies. Even when the sea eats the land, even when fire swallows the trees, the skies remain. As does hope. And even though we fear for today and tomorrow and the future is bleak, without hope all we are left with is absolute assurance of destruction. Foluke’s African Skies seeks to speak hope in the darkness, bring knowledge of Africa to the forefront. So we can look up into the skies, in hope, and see the African stars. Which are all of us. Oju orun t’eye e fo, lai fara kanra.