Ok, so I love and hate romcoms… Due to the nature and content of my research, I often need something light to step away from the darkness of human injustice. So I love rom-coms. I have watched Love Actually at least 10 times, and the Sound of Music owes at least £1000 worth of their revenue to my viewing alone. However there seems to be this misconception that they should be held to a lower standard and can dispense with logic, verisimilitude and connections to reality. So I am here to share some of my personal gripes:

Firstly, who is the person that makes it all the way to the altar before realising that they don’t want to marry the person standing beside them? And the rejected person never really tears craze! Really?


Secondly, the mad dash at the end, usually by the man, as if the girl is moving to an inaccessible dimension. Unnecessary sense of peril. Chill, man, you’ll probably get a cheaper ticket tomorrow. Or call her. That is how you are going to dump her anyway.


Finally, the waking up in the morning and deciding to do a cross continental surprise. They should set such romcoms in Naija. Before, you get a visa to travel to US to do the surprise thing, your love would have died. Figuratively or physically. Or both.


Rant over. I am going to watch The Godfather, which in its own way is a story of love, family and heartbreak. Peace out…


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