In 2014, “BLIND ASPIRATION” was a top 10 finalists in the Documentary Category of the Afrinolly Short Film Competition

Dr Ife Akintunde is a Nigerian living in the United Kingdom. Ife became the first blind student to study Law at the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria and also the first blind student accepted to study for a masters in international relations and doctorate in politics at Lancaster University UK .

Since completing his doctorate, he has taken on several roles, including Executive Secretary of XN Foundation from inception till 2011.  Among the many positions he currently holds, he is: Vice chair of the Sunbeams Music Trust, A Cumbrian music therapy charity which won the Northwest charity of the year in 2006.  He is also National publicity secretary of the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians, (where he is also the special needs coordinator and editor of the annual magazine), Director of Starchildren Initiative (a charity working with disabled children and their carers) and secretary of the board of trustees of his church.  In addition, he also volunteers with Salt FM, a gospel radio station which has recently won an award for one of its shows.

He is a public/motivational speaker and speechwriter who runs IOA Consults LTD with the moto “linking your ideas with the real world”.  As international consultant for the Nigeria Association of the Blind, he has been involved in fundraising campaigns, disability rights campaigns and the efforts to nationalise and domesticate crucial international disability legislation in Nigeria. He has worked with his Nigerian counterparts on efforts to domesticate the Marrakesh treaty which gives special copyright concessions for disabled people and national disability rights legislation.  His general career direction has leaned towards international students, people with disabilities and event planning. In June 2018, Dr Ife was one of the speakers at the launch of Forever Africa Conference and Events.

Dr Ife possesses so many unique abilities and anyone around him will him find so intriguing. He is a good friend of mine, a passionate campaigner for the rights of those living with disabilities, a talented public speaker, an unparalleled organiser and a tremendous visionary. Here is some of his story. Be inspired.

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