Tuesday, July 16, 2024
A word and its history can never really be parted.
Africans try to attribute the immutability of religious mores to the fluidity of cultural expectations.
Flag of Nigeria (1914-1960)
It is for the prosecution to prove that OP is guilty and not for OP to prove that he is innocent
there is a sinister reason behind this debate and we are being misdirected

Hit the Child

'So before you hit the child, stop and think, of his/her tomorrow and all our tomorrows, before you hit the child.'
The question attempts to build a house by starting with the windows
'we allow ourselves to be distracted, and we focus on anything at all, except for the failings of the government.'
Social media has finally given Panafricanism a new voice. The world and Africa would do well not to ignore this voice. These are our voices
Nigeria needs the best of the best doing the best of their best. Not just doctors.