Saturday, November 18, 2017
women of colour run with a million dreams on their backs
...In order that wicked man, who is of this earth, May terrify no more.
Remember that the guilty ones are not only those that strike a blow, but those who whip up fear and hatred and panic based on differences in race or religion, colour or creed. The guilty ones are not only those who would take a human life, but those who would remain silent when humanity is reduced to the politics of anger and wrath. Remember that.
Terror is not an anomaly in Nigeria and each day we live is a gift. Violence is not an aberration, but each moment we are free from it is a blessing. Despite all this I still have cause to celebrate, for despite the carnage, hope remains, despite the violence, peace remains and despite death we remain, unresting, questing, hopeful. I celebrate Nigeria's people and I ask that we do not give up hope. I ask that we be proactive in changing Nigeria. I ask that we choose life.
We have created the myth of the racist monster and the saintly sufferer. We need to avoid denying the humanity of monsters and the monstrosity inherent in all humanity. We need to repudiate hate and ignorance, and embrace positive change and love, accepting love, expansive love, for all.
Source: For Africa, the International Community is a Myth
Nollywood denies us the luxury of a many-textured existence. .. we need more complex and sophisticated imaginings; stories that explore the intricacies of our lived experiences, stories that engage with the full spectrum of Nigerian dreams and desires, sorrows and sadnesses, limitations and languishings.
Labels are prisons. They deny us the dignity and the luxury of multiplicity of existence. Yet multiplicity is inherent in humanity. I am many. I am human
'Appropriating culture as a human rights tool does not presuppose its primacy, nor remove contestation. However, it is impossible to mitigate the negative effects of a force with which you fail to engage and which forms a key part of a people’s identity.'