I have this DVD. It is fantastic. I encourage everyone to watch, especially if you love music. I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on the laws of apartheid. The research I did was a fascinating exploration into the oppressive and liberating possibilities of law.

Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony (2002) is a documentary tracking the South African Anti-Apartheid struggle through the use of music. In Zulu and Xhosa ‘amandla’ means power.  Songs united those who were being oppressed and gave those fighting a way to express their vision. The music consoled those incarcerated, motivated those who were at the frontlines and created an effective underground form of communication inside the prisons. The documentary  is a testimony to the power of song and its ability to fuel the struggle for freedom.


Madam, Please!


Mandela Brings Us Peace


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African woman, lawyer, teacher, poet and researcher. Singer of songs, writer of words, very occasional dancer of dances. I seek new ways of interpreting the African experience within our consciousness to challenge static ideology.

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