I celebrate life, because mourning is not an option.

I celebrate the hustle, because stopping is not an option.

I celebrate the lives of the youths, friends and wise elders that surround me,

I celebrate fortitude, resilience, strength and indomitable spirit,

I celebrate the past and its lessons, I celebrate today because I am here,

I am here and tomorrow comes.

I celebrate the future and hope and faith in an unfailing everlasting God.


I celebrate opportunity, I look up to what is to come.

I celebrate the earth and its abundance;

I celebrate the sky and its fullness,

I celebrate the rain,

I celebrate the dust,

I celebrate the rivers,

I celebrate the deserts

I celebrate the noise, the laughter, the tears, the dancing, the screaming, the pain, regret and redemption.

I celebrate the sound of clapping that I hear in my heart, the noise of rejoicing that my hope is producing.


I celebrate the sound of a fallen giant rising to its feet,

far greater and stronger than before its fall,

strong from the fire of oppression and deprivation,

pain and misery,

resolute in its resurgence,

undaunted by the derision of the world.

I celebrate my people, men, women, young, old, north, south, east, west.


I celebrate because we are here,

I celebrate our fears,

I celebrate our tears.

I toast all our tomorrows

May they come.

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