I have often said that fear is humanity’s greatest vulnerability.

And in this moment, in this time, we live in great fear.

We are afraid that we will never have enough,

We are afraid that we will never be safe enough,

We are afraid that the air will not be kind to us,

We are afraid that the earth we walk upon will soon cover us,

We are afraid that the sun will never again touch our skin,

We are afraid that this is the great pestilence that will end us.

We are afraid because of the things we do not know.


We don’t know if this is the end,

We don’t know if the earth will survive this,

We don’t know what worlds wait for us at the other side of pestilence,

We don’t know if there will be an other side,

We don’t know if we will be there to see it.



But there is much we should know.

We should know who we are,

We should know the sun will most likely rise tomorrow,

We should know that there is still much that we can do…

We can hold our loved ones more closely,

We can spread good fortune more widely,

We can mourn from the depths of our hearts,

We can take one step at a time.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

We can live each day at it comes.

Close our eyes, open them…

We can take nothing with us.

For at the end of our days, all we can leave behind, is the love that we gave away.

All that will remain of us, on the surface of this earth, is the love that we gave away.


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African woman, lawyer, teacher, poet and researcher. Singer of songs, writer of words, very occasional dancer of dances. I seek new ways of interpreting the African experience within our consciousness to challenge static ideology.

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