women of colour run with a million dreams on their backs…….

they run

from scripts of silence

from hands that hinder

with dreams of dreams

with the regrets of their grandmothers

they run.

they run

trapped in prisons of love

sounds of screaming singing in their ears

decades of doubt in their hearts.

yet they run

they run

they run

all they have is hope

hope of the possible

so they run

carrying a million dreams

they run

till their breath runs out

still they run


till their strength gives out

still they run


till their life runs out

and then

they fall

and the dreams they carry take flight

to be caught by a new set of women

a million million dreams to be carried

on a million million backs

we run

with a billion dreams on our backs

we run.






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African woman, lawyer, teacher, poet and researcher. Singer of songs, writer of words, very occasional dancer of dances. I seek new ways of interpreting the African experience within our consciousness to challenge static ideology.


  1. […] And this brings me to the crossroads of personal and political. When existence itself becomes protest, the personal is politicized. This brings into question the variable autonomy and sovereignty allowed black women. When the lines between the personal and political are blurred, personal decisions are fraught with political cogitations. For example: As a postcolonial decolonial pan-African feminist (yes, that is a thing…) do I not owe a scholarly duty to be an adherent of the natural hair movement? (In essence to practice what I preach) As an autonomous person, do I not have the freedom of choice to do what I want with my hair? Natural or Textured? But how free is my choice when the structures of society implicitly support one choice over the other? And therein lies the problem and the solution. The natural hair movement will always be political. And that is not a bad thing, because freedom is political. But freedom is life. Freedom like a skylark flies upward. Freedom is aspirational. Freedom is what fighting for. For humanity. The struggle is everlasting. […]

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