For most of us, death comes slowly.

Life is a long journey into the dead of night.

A solitary soliloquy to an uncertain beyond.

Each step, each stumble leads us closer to an unknown tomorrow.

Pain and promise tied up in the tedium of daily life.

For most of us, death comes slowly.

For most of us, life is not a great hurrah, but a hush.

A quietness, a solitude, a dark daily repeated whisper.

Life is play, pause, rewind, repeat and do it all over again and again.

No loud adventures, but a thousand molehills to climb over and over and over.

For most of us, death comes slowly.

For most of us, life is hard but not too hard, some pain, but not too much.

Life is a continuous weight pressing us slowly into the ground.

So while we live, do good to all, lend a friendly hand to all.

Be a little light in your little corner, be as much warmth as you can.

Because for most of us, most of us… death comes slowly


  1. Life is…a dark daily repeated whisper. This is apt.
    I like how you lit up the dark, solemn piece at the very end; showing something to live for – a duty to others – lend a hand, give warmth…
    Great first post

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