The history of humanity can be told in frames of people looking away,

Always looking away,

Looking away from complaints,

Looking away from warnings,

The history of humanity will be told in stories of people hiding away,

Hiding away those who need to be seen, who need to be heard,

Hiding Grenfell behind decorative cladding,

So we can go back to looking away. Again.

Looking away from people housed in death traps, towering fire hazards.


Our eyes are irresistibly drawn to the inevitable inferno

For a moment.


We go back to looking away,


The next “never again”… happens again, again.



  1. I follow you silently from WordPress to Youtube to LinkedIn. Everywhere basically! I appreciate you my friend (Forming familiarity!). Keep up the good work. I’ll always be here silently passing bye. Cheers

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