Walk down the forested paths of the Congolese forest,

Watch the twinkle of the soft stars reflected in the Nile.

Be dazzled by the splendour of a Benin masked festival.

Marvel at the colour and smells of a Moroccan market.

And then learn to love Africa.



Learn to live in her,

Learn to live through the thunderstorms and droughts

To live through the hardship and the poverty,

To survive the disease and war.


Learn to love her.

Learn to love the fast rushing waters,

Learn to live the hot, smiling sun,

Learn to love the languages of her forests,

Learn to love the rhythm of her rains.

Learn to love the harshness of her deserts.

Learn to love the speed of her sandstorms.

sandstorm sudan.jpg


As the birdsong awakens you in the ripe morning,

And the smell of the freshly wet earth stirs you at noon;

As you stand at the cradle of all mankind,

You learn to love Africa the mother you left behind.


Learn to laugh with her; learn to cry with her,

Learn to live with her; learn to die in her.

When you love Africa

You love yourself.

We are Africa.





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African woman, lawyer, teacher, poet and researcher. Singer of songs, writer of words, very occasional dancer of dances. I seek new ways of interpreting the African experience within our consciousness to challenge static ideology.

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