Sometimes justice comes for those yet unborn, so that their eyes never face the light,

So they never experience hate, or hurt, or doom or dread,

But for those of us left alive, justice is like dark whispers in the dead of night

A rumour of friendly spirits turned to dust, a dream, a wish… the wind.


Sometimes justice comes in our imagination, a hope of victory, a hope of vengeance,

A hope of retribution for bloodshed, a hope of peace from pain,

But sometimes justice comes for those who sleep, who eyes will never see another dawn

Sometimes justice comes for those lost to life, sometimes justice comes for the departed.


So we dream of justice for a generation lost in the waters,

Justice of those whose song was snatched from their mouths,

Justice for interrupted dreams,

Justice for those who live in the shadows,

Justice for the bodies, whose souls were stolen in silence,

Justice for those lost in battle, justice for those living with hate

Justice for those felled by the hands they loved,

Justice for the forgotten, justice for the absent, justice for the silent.

We dream of justice,

We fight for justice,

We live for justice,

Because sometimes, sometimes…justice comes


  1. Justice in the law court, in the midst of several layers of inequalities in our society, is never to be possible.

    There is no unique definition for right and wrong every time. We have different colours, different faiths, different perceptions even towards law,

    The individual lawyers and judges dispensing justice have their limitations in discernment, prejudice and political will. Sometimes when you are bold enough to pronounce a judgement according to the evidence before you and what you know, the society may burn,

    The worst part of the inequalities is the access to justice, justice is still on sale and you pay to get some freedom not justice.

    Nevertheless most people who err know that they are wrong and those people wrongly convicted also know that the judgement against them is wrong.

    Hence the main focus is not getting the unattainable justice but to minimize the
    number of injustices our courts find themselves awarding injustices to innocent citizens.


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