The landscape of the world is filled with many illogicalities. I hear of so many people losing hope in humanity. Can you blame them? Can you question the loss of faith in humanity when humanity acts irrationally? But I think that we should not lose faith, because there is still hope, but not outside ourselves.

People have lost faith in friends, for friends have decided to foster hate over peace.

People have lost faith in leaders, for leaders have led their people to destruction.

People have lost faith in ideals, because ideals have proven to be as hollow as a drum whose hide is lost to the travails of friction.

People have lost faith in family, blood becoming thinner than water, thinner than kerosene.

But do not lose faith in yourself. Because ultimately, that is the only thing over which you have any control.

So do not lose faith; do not be brittle.

For life will dash us against the rocks.

We will be bruised but we must not break.

Do not be brittle, because a heart encased in stone will no longer feel, but a wounded heart can still sing songs of deliverance. A wounded heart can still sing.

Do not be brittle, do not be cut off by the wind, but rise on the breeze. This hurt soul will look to the sun.

Do not be brittle, never let life take the song of victory from your lips.

With a wavering but sure voice look to your dreams. Tomorrow’s visions dictate today’s actions.

Take charge. Take action. Be kind. Be strong. Be sure.

But do not be brittle.


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