My book Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on Power and Possibility was published by Bristol University Press in March of 2023. I have written about the contents on the blog and elsewhere a couple of times. See for example here, and here and here and also here. This blog post contains reviews by other people. I will keep it updated as the reviews come in. Here are the reviews below.

“It is rarely the case that a legal book is published that becomes an instant classic. Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on Power and Possibility is such a book. It is a landmark publication that deserves to be and no doubt will be widely read by all who come into contact with legal education. More than that, it is a book that will become well-known and well-cited for a group of ideas that should now enter the mainstream. It is hoped that the ideas and arguments in this book will be more than just cited, however. They need to be engaged with and implemented; Adebisi’s book needs to challenge, inspire, correct and reconstruct legal academia and how we think about and teach about law. This is a challenging, radical and inspiring monograph that re-sets the debate about decolonisation as well as about the purpose of legal education.”

Sandberg, Russell. (2024). Book Review: Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on Power and Possibility. Social & Legal Studies, 33(3), 470-472.


The book, I believe, is about hope for producing flourishing, newer meaningful anticolonial worlds for all, beyond law schools and universities, and yields suggestions for their materialisation through decoloniality from within the neoliberal-ised law school. Decolonisation, thus, is neither to merely diversify the face of coercive power nor to become a new master. This book, which requires revisits, should be prescribed as an essential text for (legal and non-legal) students, teachers, and activists alike, to learn that to decolonise our legal knowledge and teaching/research, means acknowledgement and complete cessation of the colonial logics and praxes produced by and simultaneously producing the (Euro-modern) law, and to repair the colonial past.

Kumar, Shailesh. ‘How to Decolonise Legal Knowledge for All?’, Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies (blog), 11 October 2023.


“To conceptualise decolonisation – a topic in such a high circulation in academic knowledge production – in the context of knowledge production in a discipline as rooted and guarded as law is an ambitious, courageous, and inspiring undertaking. Decolonisation and legal knowledge is a rich and strong contribution in this regard. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in understating European legal knowledge production, its racial and colonial foundations but also possibilities of reimagining it otherwise.”

 Parsa, Amin. Retfærd: Nordic Journal of Law and Justice.


“Adébísí’s book convincingly paves the way for a guided and comprehensive interrogation of colonialism within Euro-modern legal knowledge. One can certainly hope that European universities and legal scholars in the Global North pick up where Adébísí has left off and engage in the long-overdue decolonial work to create the potential for spaces with a pluriversity of knowledges.”

Dube, Nozizwe. “Folúkẹ́ Adébísí, Decolonisation and legal knowledge: reflections on power and possibility (Bristol University Press, 2023).” European Journal of Legal Studies 15 (2024): 213-223.


“The themes of hope and humanity thread the chapters together in beautifully written prose that often reads like poetry. While the grounded narrative makes the arguments digestible, the evocative language makes the book a meal demanding to be re-membered. In a field that constantly echoes the darkness of the power-hungry man and our deeply concerning social orders, Adébísí relentlessly and refreshingly reminds us to keep looking for light, urging us to dig up the torches buried in our classrooms.”

Billa, Bhumika. (2024), Folúkẹ́ AdébísíDecolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on Power and PossibilityBristol, Bristol University Press, 2023204 pp, hb £85.99, pb £26.99. Mod Law Rev.


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